Every art tells a story…

Art – The genre that makes people happy from within. It makes them fall in love with the other world they create by themselves – be it from painting, sculpting, dance, music, theatre, literature, photography or films. An American poet and social activist, Thomas Merton said – “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. I feel grateful at times … Continue reading Every art tells a story…

The Supreme Sacrifices of our Superhero Dads :)

Everyone is fascinated by superheroes be it Ironman for his strength, Superman for his flying skills and good heartedness, Batman for being the savior or Spiderman for his unique style of jumping across buildings and saving the world. In real life too, we have some superheroes in our lives who do not have their costumes on with the flying robe nor do they fly but … Continue reading The Supreme Sacrifices of our Superhero Dads 🙂

Finding myself in the City of dreams!!

Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist states – “I have inside me the winds,the deserts,the oceans, the stars and everything created in the universe. We were all made by the same hand and we all have the same soul”. I had my colleague tell me about this book on how a young shepherd boy goes on a journey searching for a treasure but at the end … Continue reading Finding myself in the City of dreams!!

In the playground called ‘Life’…

Life and sports have lots of commonalities. Have you ever thought victories, failures, champions, coaches etc exist in real life too. All of us associate sports with physical activity, activeness, energy, strength, stamina etc. All kinds of sports be it cricket, basketball, volleyball or even martial arts for that matter, but have we seen or observed that every sport teaches us something about life?. Do … Continue reading In the playground called ‘Life’…

Create your own sunshine!!

Each one of us have a world of our own that revolves around our family, friends, work, leisure, our homes etc. This world brings to us a whole circle of responsibilities, love, respect, fun factors and a lot more. But sometimes we encounter situations or even personal character traits that can get very difficult to change or it can give you stressful times. Be it … Continue reading Create your own sunshine!!

Woman – The best symbol of all God’s creations!!

The holy scriptures mention that ‘man’ is the best creation of God, the Almighty. For reference, the Quran mentions about how Man and woman were the first beings created by the Almighty after the heavens and the earth and the Bible mentions on how at first man was created, and to help him woman was created out of his own ribs when he was put … Continue reading Woman – The best symbol of all God’s creations!!

The Bollywood guide to communication!!

Bollywood has projected the true essence of India in many ways – in terms of our bondings, our relationships, our dreams, aspirations, our families, our culture etc. A lot fictional but heart touching too. I’m a great fan of Bollywood, having more of romantic and inspirational movies as my favorite than all other genres. A die hard romantic at heart but somewhere movies leave a … Continue reading The Bollywood guide to communication!!

The 16 best life lessons kids teach us!

Children these days really amaze us. Their talks, their actions can really surprise us to the extent that we start thinking of how we as kids were – merely this smart and completely naive and innocent. We always think it is our responsibility to teach kids values, qualities etc but these days kids teach us too. If you observe how the kids these days think, … Continue reading The 16 best life lessons kids teach us!